How To Choose The Right Dumpster Size

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Don’t let our wide variety of dumpster sizes intimidate you. Our team of professionals in Bridgeport, CT is here to assist you in choosing roll-off dumpsters that are perfect for your dumpster rental needs. Factors of which size to choose for your roll-off box include the size of your job, your location, our availability, the duration of your dumpster rental, the type of construction debris, and how frequently you need for dumpster emptied. Whether you have large deck removal projects, commercial roadway projects, or even just a small household junk removal job, we have plenty of options to choose from. Check out our different dumpster sizes below:


Dimensions: 6-feet wide by 12-feet long by 4-feet tall

10 Yard Dumpster

Our smallest size dumpster that we offer, this dumpster is equivalent to four pick-up trucks worth of debris. This size is best for small household projects, yard waste, or garage cleanouts in Bridgeport, CT. If you’re concerned about an overflowing curbside dumpster at home, then you should be considering a 10-yard dumpster rental in Bridgeport. Other dumpster companies typically don’t offer a dumpster this small. We recommend using this 10-yard container for the following types of projects:

  • Small-scale household waste disposal needs
  • Roof replacements up to 1,500 square feet
  • Small to a medium-sized home remodeling project

20 Yard Dumpster

If you’re in the Bridgeport, CT 06610 area and need a dumpster for a medium-sized project, then look no further than our 20-yard cubic yard box. This dumpster can handle just about any remodeling projects around your home. It is twice as large as the previous dumpster and offers up to eight pick-up trucks worth of debris. We recommend that you rent this 20-yard dumpster in the Bridgeport area for the following types of projects:

  • Yard waste from major landscaping projects
  • Roof replacements up to 3,000 square feet
  • Multi-room home remodeling projects

Dimensions: 8-feet in width by 20-feet long by 4-feet tall


Get a Roll Off Dumpster for Your Next Project

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Dimensions: 8-feet in width by 22-feet by 6-feet tall

30 yard dumpster

Twice as large as a 15-yard dumpster, this yard roll-off box is best used for small to medium-sized construction projects or complete home remodels. The 30-yard option is used most commonly to service residential construction or other commercial jobs. It’s a great option for a yard roll-off container at a reasonably sized commercial job. Our 30-yard dumpster is best suited for the following types of jobs:

  • A small to a medium-sized commercial project
  • Siding and window replacements
  • Commercial construction debris

40-Yard Dumpster

Our company offers the best prices on 40-yard dumpster rentals for large jobs. This 40 cubic yard container is ideal to rent for a large commercial project. If your construction business needs a roll-off dumpster to handle a large volume of debris from a project of yours, then consider Bridgeport Dumpster in Bridgeport, CT for your dumpster service needs. Check out some activities that would warrant large 40-yard dumpsters like this:

  • A large commercial job with a high-volume of debris
  • Commercial facility clean out debris
  • Large roadway construction project in Bridgeport

Dimensions: 8-feet by 22-feet by 8-feet tall