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Bridgeport Dumpster Rental holds our professional and private homeowner clients in the highest esteem, because without you…we wouldn’t have the opportunity to maintain and perfect our craft. That’s why our highly-trained staff of customer service representatives drops whatever they’re doing when you call us at (203) 646-3444. It’s the customer service rep’s job to listen attentively to your project requirements, objectives, and challenges. You may also submit an online request form by clicking right here. With the information you provide, including your preferred method of contact, a courteous representative will get you into the right pair of hands.


A Dedicated Account Manager Assigned To You

Once our customer service department has answered whatever questions you may have, they assign you to an Account Manager. But unlike cable television or wireless vendors, this professional is the only person you’ll ever need to speak with about your project, location, and billing needs. The amount of time that gets wasted as we consumers find ourselves being transferred from rep to rep to rep, has always puzzled us. It’s much smarter to allow one of our professionals to get to know you, and by supporting that relationship we skip the extra work other companies are busy creating for themselves by shuffling their customers to whoever grabs an open phone.

This way, the next time you call us for a future project, you won’t need to explain yourself, your business, or your preferences all over again!

Call us today at (203) 646-3444 to have your dedicated Account Manager assigned to you!