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The Best Value Roll-Off Dumpster Rental In Bridgeport, CT

Renting a dumpster in Bridgeport doesn’t have to be complicated. Our company offers years of experience to provide you with the best dumpster rental prices and the highest quality service in the industry. At Bridgeport Dumpster Rental, our talented customer service team is here to walk you through how to rent a dumpster that is the right size for your needs. We offer a wide variety of roll-off containers for virtually any sized project that you may have in mind. No matter your location, our company offers speedy delivery and pick-up services at competitive pricing at all zip codes in the East Haven area. Dial our phone number today and speak to a member for help renting a dumpster near Bridgeport, CT 06605.

Why We Are The Dumpster Rental Business of Choice In Bridgeport

Competitive prices in Bridgeport, Connecticut


Stellar customer reviews


Wide variety of container rental sizes


Free pick up and delivery

Flat rate pricing dumpster rentals

How To Choose The Right Dumpster Size

Don’t let our wide variety of dumpster sizes intimidate you. Our team of professionals in Bridgeport, CT is here to assist you in choosing roll-off dumpsters that are perfect for your dumpster rental needs. Factors of which size to choose for your roll-off box include the size of your job, your location, our availability, the duration of your dumpster rental, the type of construction debris, and how frequently you need for dumpster emptied. Whether you have large deck removal projects, commercial roadway projects, or even just a small household junk removal job, we have plenty of options to choose from. Check out our different dumpster sizes below:

10 Yard Dumpster

Best for

  • Small-scale household waste disposal needs
  • Roof replacements up to 1,500 square feet
  • Small to a medium-sized home remodeling project

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20 Yard Dumpster

Best for

  • Yard waste from major landscaping projects
  • Roof replacements up to 3,000 square feet
  • Multi-room home remodeling projects

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30 Yard Dumpster

Best for

  • A small to a medium-sized commercial project
  • Siding and window replacements
  • Commercial construction debris

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40 Yard Dumpster
40 Yard Dumpster New

Best for

  • A large commercial job with a high-volume of debris
  • Commercial facility clean out debris
  • Large roadway construction project

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Dumpster Rental Services in Bridgeport, CT

Our customer reviews speak for themselves. We are the premier dumpster rental service in the Bridgeport area for all of your cubic yard box needs. Whether it’s a large roll-off dumpster for a commercial project or smaller boxes for part of a home remodeling project, our company is at your service. With the best prices in town, we offer a superior yar roll-off renting service that you won’t find anywhere else.

Below are some frequently asked questions that we have been asked about our roll-off dumpsters rental service in the past:

How much does a roll-off dumpster cost to rent?

Our prices vary depending on your location, the size of the roll-off box, duration of the rental, the weight of the debris within the yard roll-off box, and frequency of dumpster pickup. Large commercial construction projects can expect to pay over $1000 for a dumpster rental for a typical three to six-month-long job. A home remodeling endeavor for smaller dumpsters could range from $400 to $1000 depending on the same factors above. Call us today for a free quote for your dumpster rental needs.

Is there a time limit for how long I can keep the dumpsters?

Our dumpsters don’t come with any set time limit. You are free to keep your dumpsters for as long as you need. Keep in mind that the longer you plan on keeping your dumpsters for, that the overall price will gradually increase. If you plan on keeping your dumpster for a long period of time, just make sure that you schedule regular pickups from us so that the dumpster does not begin to overflow. We cannot pick up containers that exceed our weight requirements or that are overtopping. Customers of ours have kept our rentals for as one year, and beyond!

What can I throw away?

You can throw away just about any debris related to construction. Windows, siding, roofing materials, municipal garbage, flooring, or anything else. You can throw away the same items into our containers that you would into your regular curbside waste pickup program. If you have any questions about what can or cannot be thrown away, please give our trained customer service representatives a call at (203) 646-3444

What can't I throw away?

Refrain from throwing away any potentially hazardous wastes. This includes, but is not limited to, automotive fluids, motor oils, paint cans, batteries, antifreeze, medical waste, household cleaners, and lawn fertilizers. Be aware that by improperly throwing away hazardous waste that you could potentially contaminate the entire box. We also recommend that you separate out recyclable materials. If you plan on having a large volume of recyclables, then we recommend renting an additional roll-off container for recycling purposes. If you have any questions about what can or cannot be thrown away, please give our trained customer service representatives a call at (203) 646-3444

How do I properly load my dumpster rental?

We recommend that you load your dumpster starting with the heaviest materials on the bottom. You should distribute the debris evenly across the bottom of the dumpster in layers to maximize the amount of space that you have available. By layering and spreading out the debris, you will have less wasted space and more room to dispose of your items. Remember that we cannot pick up containers that are overflowing, so please give us a call to pick up your waste before it gets to that point and schedule a pickup. The waste should never exceed the wall height of the container.

Do I need to be home for my dumpster delivery?

We would prefer to have somebody at home to meet up for the arrival of your rental container. That way you can direct us to a spot that is perfect to drop off your container. If someone is not available to meet for the container’s delivery, then we can deliver it without anybody present. If this is the case, then please be sure to leave detailed delivery instructions for our drivers.

Do you offer same-day delivery and pickup?

Unlike a lot of the competition in the area, we offer same-day delivery and pickup. We understand that you may have trash staged and ready to go. We understand that a roll-off container filled with trash can be unsightly to neighbors and the surrounding community. Depending on your location and our availability, we can drop your dumpster off and pick it up on the same day.